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Architects Greenock

Architects in Greenock have a long history of success. The Municipal Buildings are celebrated as a classic example of early architecture, built balancing beauty and functionality. They are a standout building within Scotland - and Greenock is naturally proud. They have recently been opened for a virtual tour, so you can explore the intricacies of its internal space as well as enjoy the exterior.

As Greenock architects, Ekotect are confident in our ability to continue this legacy of architectural innovation. Our professional architect, Jamie, can take your brief and add a flourish of individuality and distinctiveness. Your building is an extension of your character and the personality of your business. We take the time to get to know you and your business and make sure to create a quality of design that adds to the history of architects, Greenock, and wider Scotland.

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Work with a qualified Architect in Greenock, Scotland

The relationship you build with your architect will set your project apart. Our Greenock architects design studio  work hard to develop the most productive relationship possible and ensure the project's success. We find that our work in developing this relationship offers peace of mind to our clients and keeps the channels of communication open, so the end result is what is required. 

Remember that your architect at Ekotect is on your side and on the side of the wider community of Greenock architects. Jamie wants everyone to see your building and feel pride that it is part of the architecture of the area. Ekotect  also wants your project to run on time and budget and deliver the best results.

The best guarantee of a successful project starts with a clear brief. As a client, you must have thought through your needs and communicate these as unambiguously as possible to us. You will likely want our architect to offer some of his artistic flair, but you also want something realistic that you love. 

Our architects in Greenock, Scotland, begin with a sound, well considered contract, so that all parties are clear of what happens if there are problems or changes required. We will be transparent about fees and when we expect these to be paid, and we will offer our clients the respect that is deserved through frequent communications during the project.

Our highly trained architect, Jamie, has an in depth knowledge of buildings and building design. During the consultation, he will use pertinent questions to draw your needs and offer informed and intelligent advice. Our architect takes immense pride in his work and strives to produce award worthy building designs.


While he might offer some pushback on your ideas, it is worth probing our professional for a fuller understanding of what is possible. Ultimately, he knows you have to live or work in the building, but will work to make sure that your vision is realised to the fullest extent through intelligent discussions. All to deliver stellar results.

Choosing our architects in Greenock is already a solid decision; but only the first of many. Our architect will draw up some initial plans - but the process is iterative. You will offer feedback, and then there will be new drawings, more feedback, and an edited version created. It might be that Jamie offers several options in your follow up consultation, so you can choose the elements you like the most.

Even when Ekotect offers you several choices, they will likely have a strong preference. Remember that architects are part engineers and part artists. Jamie will have a vision based on what you have told him that he is hoping to bring to reality. However, the end decision is yours and we respect that completely.


Architects in Greenock, Scotland - Get in Touch!

The initial agreed plans will help you move through planning permission if this is required. Your architect in Greenock through Ekotect will have insights into the local planning office and will help you with this process. 

Once permission has been given, Ekotect will create detailed plans, ensuring the builders are fully instructed on how to work towards the finished building. These instructions will include details of how to meet building regulations.

Working with Ekotect - a reputable architect in Greenock -  you need to minimise the changes once the building project has been planned in detail for the builders. Making changes once the construction is underway can be stressful. While it is possible to evolve the design, any big changes can cause delays and increase the cost of your project.

Jamie, your trusted architect in Greenock, will check in with you regularly and listen carefully to your thoughts and ideas. He will be able to advise you on the desirability of the change to the overall project, including the alterations it will cause to the deadlines and budget.

The good news: when you hire our Greenock architects at Ekotect, you will get a reliable partner in your build from start to finish.

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