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Ekotect - Ayrshire architects understand the character of this beautiful Scottish location, and they have contacts in the planning office. Their essential knowledge of the area is matched by technical and artistic flair, meaning every project completed by Ekotect - reputable architects, in Ayrshire - has a prize-winning quality finish.

When your new building is an extension of your or your business, to make it worthy of being this, you need time to get to know your architect and how they work. As Ayrshire architects, understanding our local clientele is vital, and we felt it important to lay out how you can get the best experience out of Jamie and his design studio. Here we explore the relationship you will build with our Ayrshire architects and how this results in high-quality, brief-meeting buildings.

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Work with a qualified Architect in Ayrshire, Scotland

Constant and effective communication is at the heart of a productive relationship with Ekotect. We understand that you want to be kept informed at every stage of your project, and keeping the channels of information open offers sound peace of mind. We are hired by you to deliver your vision, and we offer the technical know-how and appreciation of aesthetics that can make the most out of your ideas.

Ekotect Ayrshire Architects are focused on making our clients happy and fulfilled whilst creating a legacy of fine architecture in Ayrshire. Jamie, as a modern architect, feels great pride in the buildings he contributes to, and will work hard with you to create a mark in the local area.

By maintaining a solid relationship with Jamie, your project will meet the brief, hit the deadline, and run within budget.

When beginning the relationship, Ekotect will work with you to create an open and transparent contract that sets out our fees and lets you know what happens if there are any major changes. 

Once agreed, the project will then begin. The starting point of any project begins with you: the client. You must provide our Ayrshire architects with the clearest brief you can possibly manage. You need to communicate this as unambiguously as possible to help avoid any avoidable hindrances in the process. The more specific you are, the less room there is for misunderstanding. Jamie, as the architect, will come to that first design through an iterative process. There will be much back and forth between you and our Ayrshire architects until it is something that resembles what you have in mind.

You want your architects in Ayrshire and beyond to be honest in pushing back on your ideas if the end idea will be impractical or not possible. By using Jamie’s professional expertise, he will be open in offering up the advice and guidance that you need. Jamie may offer several options for you to choose from in this initial consideration stage. Listen carefully to the advice he gives, as there will likely be a choice amongst them that will offer the best results for you.


Architects in Ayrshire, Scotland - Get in Touch!

Once the initial agreement of the first plans is made, our Ayrshire architects at Ekotect will submit the plans for permission. Our architect Jamie knows the local planning laws to help facilitate this process and keep constant contact between our Ayrshire architectural design studio and the local planning department.

Having moved through the planning process, Jamie will draw up detailed plans. These plans are given to the builders to help them construct your property. Our Ayrshire architects will be sure to lay out any regulations that must be met, with detailed specifications within the plans. These plans, created at this stage, are extensive and take much time. While it is possible to make changes at this point, and even when the build is underway, there needs to be a considered buy-in from everyone involved that it is for the best and is logical. The consequences of major changes during this detailed spec work might be minimal, but during the build itself, it can significantly impact budget and deadlines.

Once the plans are passed to your builder, your architect, Jamie, still plays a role. He is your partner in ensuring that the instructions are followed, and any unforeseen problems are overcome. If you decide on Ekotect as your Ayrshire architects, we are your partner in the build and will communicate with you regularly throughout the process, feeding updates back from any necessary site visits. Keeping an eye on the progress of the building is essential for getting an ultimate sign off, so Ekotect’s architects see it as essential to keep on top of the work along the way.

Throughout your project, our Ayrshire architects will work hard to maintain a strong partnership that we know results in the best outcomes for our clients. We will be your critical friend, listening intently to your ideas and reflecting these back in plans that we know will work.

We look forward to working with you from the start to fruition of your build.

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